“Brave New World” – Making Of

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“Brave New World” – Making Of

What is “Brave New World”?

For those that weren’t directed here through the video, “Brave New World” is a music video I made with Fallout 4 Gameplay videos recorded by myself and the song “This is War” by 30 Seconds to Mars. This is an article about the origins of the idea, and the process of making it. If you haven’t checked the video out yet, please do so by clicking the image below.


Where it all began?

I had a few influences for making something like this. First, I’ve been editing funtage (combination of “fun” and “montage”, original ain’t it) videos of my playthrough of Fallout 4. Recently picking up the interest on them again, I made a new video already last night which mostly consisted from pieces of leftover from previous cuts. You can find them on youtube through my channel here. Originally, clips used in “Brave New World” were meant to form a similar video than my 7th one: a long video with a large battle. While on the editing board, cutting the good clips out of the whole recording, I found it very repetitive a thing to do. I wasn’t very keen on one serious battle, since the only thing that amused me while playing was that no one attacked me due to the fact that I hadn’t angered any of the factions at the time. So they all would only fight each other and everyone would think of me as an ally.

Few weeks earlier I had watched the brilliant “Sword Art Online Abridged” series by Something Witty Entertainment (to their youtube, you go) and I really enjoyed the opening theme they used in the beginning of every episode. Today of all days, it popped into my head and I pondered if I should re-watch the series just for the sake of it. “Uh no, I have videos to edit. Got to keep up the pace”, I told myself. Re-watching them would take few hours, and I can rather use them to progress on my material. Editing (and getting rid of) all the recorded material is my goal before playing the already released 2 DLC:s of Fallout 4. Since I plan to continue recording, after all. Can’t have them stacked up.

Editing the Brave New World

I had already ruined the day by oversleeping and had nothing else clever to do. Can’t recall the exact line of thought, but from 22:57 I saved a note with the text “Fallout 4 : Do video of attack on bunker hill with 30 seconds to mars – This War as BG music” on it. Apparently it wasn’t my original plan to do it today. As I already had a good call of what it could be, I started. To be honest, I’ve always dreamt of making an AMV (Animated Music Video) and I couldn’t get past the fact how well the song applied to certain scenes in the video. Right, so now I remember. With a tendency to listen music while anything I do (not while sleeping though) I put “This is War” on repeat as background music while editing.

“Through the rain, through the left…”

It’s actually “right”, not “rain”. The video’s name comes from a work name “AMV_BraveNewWorld” and “Brave New World” is a sentence often repeated in the song. So the name didn’t change. It was perfect. Making of the video took about 4 and half hours with a break of 5 minutes. You can’t stop the flow. I’m very proud of this whole thing.

With no plan, working was pretty tough but extremely satisfying. The idea of how different sequences would fill on the song created itself. At first it was quite hard to get moving, but just cutting the whole thing into few pieces and throwing them into separate sequences worked really well. Not by random though, there were certain parts which worked perfectly with the song as I mentioned earlier, and those made to the first sequence.

The story of “Brave New World”

Cows keep standing, why not humans too?

There is actually a story behind the video that I had no idea about while I was recording the gameplay. As the 2nd chorus part was kind of aggressive in the song, but the video didn’t comply to that much, I got a climpse of an idea I could hide messages into the video. Small flashes of words that would look cool and give a little sparkle of excite for the part. This evolved a little further, and included a text-based intro & ending in addition to “flashes”. Like when playing an instrument, pauses tend to be important. There were a few parts in the video that looked they could use pauses on them, and since a black screen out of nowhere would give the appearence of an unfinished product, I placed “flashes” to those parts as well.

The video evolves around machines and humans fighting for ruling the world. As through video, it eventually seems that machines will overpower dispirited humans and that they would form a “Brave New World”. However, the term “Brave New World” actually stands for humans standing up again, even after a hard beating. The machines don’t need to fight back as humans do. They can stand in middle of fiery lasers and keep it cool (1:26 in video). If human doesn’t repel against the punches he’s given, he’s nothing but a target (2:41). Like cows, humans can win if they keep standing on their feet (1:37). In the end, it is shown that humans still have prowess left in them (3:51).



This process was so interest-tingling and cool I’d be very happy to do it again! Though the chances for such recorded material for to happen are… well… unless you want a 10 hr sped up version of building a new settlement with some lengthy piece of music backing it up, it can be done! Just kidding ^^

Did you like the video? Should I make more videos similar to it? Should I keep doing the same ol’? Should I not make videos at all? Let me know in the comment section of the video or here.


5 Reasons Why Haiku Maker Is Probably the Best Facebook Entertainment App There Is

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5 Reasons Why Haiku Maker Is Probably the Best Facebook Entertainment App There Is

What is a Haiku Maker and what does it do?

Haiku Maker is a new Facebook application from KaihuCo (in fact their first released app) that lends words from your timeline posts and utilizes them into a haiku form. To learn more about what haiku is, check my post about it.

1. It’s super easy to use!

All you have to do is press buttons! Haiku Maker’s simplistic layout requires zero typing from the user, a feature that many other haiku sites tend to lack.

2_ Haiku Maker Layout

2. Sharing is caring

Haiku Maker has made sharing extremely easy on Facebook: whether you chose to share your own haiku or the app itself, again: just press buttons and you’ll get astonishing results in form of an image. You can count on making your friends curious & furious about it.

Haiku Maker Share

3. You don’t have to be creative

As mentioned, Haiku Maker requires no output by typing, since it uses your Facebook Timeline to form its glossary. Wield the power of random generation and rejoice! The only case when you can’t make haikus is when your timeline doesn’t have enough content. If that’s the case, go ahead and make some more!



And don’t worry, it doesn’t store the information anywhere: the words are only generated while you interact with the app and get immediately removed afterwards. For more information about processing the data, view their privacy policy.

4. Mobile Optimization will be implemented

Confirmed by developers, mobile optimization patch will be on its way before Summer. As mobile-only Facebook users are even more common in the future, finishing this step Haiku Maker can grab a wider audience than ever before.

Mobile Phone

5. It’s so addictive!

Conquest of finding a perfectly suitable haiku for today? We’ve been all through that! Our test users loved it and probably so will you. Give it a try yourself!

Haiku Maker Logo

What is a Haiku?

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Haiku is a form of poetry

Typically, a haiku consists of juxtaposition of two images or ideas and are linked with a cutting word between them

Haiku originates from Japan. It was first called Hokku, which was a small opening part of another poetry form called Renga. In the 17th century, a fellow named Matsuo Bashō started to separate Hokku into a standalone form from Renga. In the late 19th century, Masaoka Shiki- buddy named this standalone Hokku into its current form.

Haiku Resource

Traditional Japanese landscape can serve as brilliant resource to draw haikus from.

You don’t really have to know all that. Haiku is a short poem that is recognizable of its structure of “5-7-5” pattern of syllables. Traditionally, they take their base from nature’s events, but nowadays modern haiku can be about pretty much anything. The thing that makes haikus funny is the use of juxtaposition. Typically, a haiku consists of juxtaposition of two images or ideas and are linked with a cutting word between them.

Nice electric bed (5 syllables) [image]
Listen to dishwasher hum (7 syllables) [cutting word]
Computer is gone (5 syllables) [image]

In fact the haikus don’t consist of syllables at all, but from “on” which known as morae, which then are often translated as syllables… but again, just do the poetry, not the grammar bigotry.

Nowadays, the boundaries aren’t really that strict. Just pull out some words and try to have juxtaposition or 5-7-5 pattern and you can call it a haiku. At least, that’s what a Facebook app called Haiku Maker does. You can check it out yourself if you have a Facebook account.

Haiku Maker example

Just your casual mixture of Finnish and English…