Yet Another Musical Impulsion

Ahh, music my lover! Day by day, you keep impressing me and making memories with you is the most pleasant activity I have in my life! This is starting to look like an ode, which it partially is. To impulsion and the cause of it.

I had a pretty groovy musical experience last night. Also, tonight, which sparkled me to write about it here. I will start with the yesternight’s experience.

It all began with an impulse. I ended up writing some lyrics down and working on “riffs”, guitar parts of the song. A song? It’s pretty random, lyrics don’t make much sense but hey, that’s how Beatles did it too. Their song ‘Yesterday’ started as scrambled eggs. Well, that’s quite beside the point, since I was only happy that I acted and actually wrote down some of it. You see, I get “lyrical impulses” like that pretty often and most of the time I immediately forgot them after either singing or just going through them in my head. Not too often they occurr when I can access notepad and type them down, and even when trying to recall the exact words 5 seconds later while typing, I still might miss or interpret the original message differently.


I got some funky lyrics down, alright. Wasn’t the first time I wrote something down. Then, I pick up my guitar (or I already had it within touch, can’t remember) and start playing ‘Secret Dreams‘ intro riff and while at it, I start doodling around and stumble into really simple nwobhm/thrash-ish riff. Well, I thought, let’s just write this down here since it came on the same impulse. Then another interesting riff pops up, and another, and another. I already know the placements (intro riff, pre-solo riff) for them. Can’t really say they’re that impressive and mostly really simple to play, but this is the beginning, after all. In addition, I have to make it clear that I’m aware that most likely this is one of the million songs that end up into the scrap pile before actually producing a real thing. Well. I’m content with that, I merely wonder if this bizarre phenomenon makes any change in my future.

Now, about tonight. Through my normal rhythm of procrastination, I stumbled for the 12th time today on home page, read a review about Rob Zombie’s newest album, listened to main singles, liked his Facebook page and then decided to play the playlist on Windows Media Player I made yesterday. There I stood, watching over my creation and thinking in my little mind, ‘so, where should I start?’. There’s few Steven Wilson songs I listened to yesterday after returning from food-stocking, then some sweet remastered Metallica tunes I pumped myself up with today while cycling, ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ series- opening theme that I’ve had as an earworm for several days or some other random anime opening. Actually, they’re never random but I don’t wish to list them all up as none of it really mattered in the first place. This also applies for the songs I shared information with you about 2 sentences ago. In short: I picked up ‘Behelit‘, a song from ‘Berserk’- series’ soundtrack.


Poke the behelit by clicking on it

‘Behelit’ is oval-shaped item that is an integral part of ‘Berserk’ ‘s lore and if you have a soft spot for dark fantasy manga/anime, I definitely recommend picking up those series. More about the song ‘Behelit’, I had listened to it previously around last christmas and even more in mid-October and November, especially while reading the manga forwards. The song lasts about 2 minutes, but Youtube has an-hour-long loop of it, which I’ve refreshed at least 7 times. The other tune I liked to listen more extensively was ‘Guts Theme‘, clocking up closer to 14 hours.

But now, for the actual story. The moment I started playing the song, I felt huge overflow of feelings and scents coming from that song. I saw a picture within my mind of the one of the series’ main character looking into the void looming in distance with a sad expression, then remembered someone’s youtube comment about “just wanting to sit down and watch the void while listening to this”, then saw a dark autumn sky, felt the aroma of wet ground and leaves as they would be pressed against my nose in real time. That whole thing happened within less than half a minute and I’m still blown away by that. I honestly find the way how just one song (or music in general) can affect our feelings and create such art within us extremely stimulating!


This might’ve been the source of image I had in mind. I must learn how to paint/draw at some point!

What song has made an impact on you recently? Tell about your impulsion in the comment section!