Lenses and Learning Diary

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Lenses and Learning Diary

Bittersweet Presentation

I promised the teacher I’d make a learning diary post in my blog. So that I could leave earlier for second lunch. Diner was closing in 15 minutes, and we still had 3 presentations about lenses with overall of 39 slides left. In addition, I would need to read through the presentations I’d miss. I did read through one, with lots of pictures and only keywords within. And thus, since I wasn’t there at the class listening and looking, I could link only few pictures with keywords. Second one I went through really fast, there wasn’t too much content, phew.

Content set aside, what left more of a bitter aftertaste in my mouth was that I had given a presentation, too. And how awful a mess it was. I couldn’t catch the thoughts I had 30 minutes earlier at all. Stutter, cold sweat, red face. Oh no, I swear this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I felt so ashamed and dissapointed that I couldn’t make my presentation catchy for others. I could have gained so much of their respect with a success there! My partner saved me in a few occasions, but as many of examples were designed me and I didn’t really share my thoughts with him, he wasn’t able to catch completely up with the points I had in mind. Points I couldn’t say and find from my mind at all. Not blaming it on him, read again, blame’s on me!

The feels when presentation goes wrong

Well. I finish up eating in 5 minutes, when strolling back to my locker, (which was (and still is) almost next to the class) I see the presentations are still going. Should I go back there? I wonder a while. Let’s just go home. I still have to write the diary down about lenses despite I go there or not. Gentleman’s agreement. Mental-level pinky promise. Something like that. Outside, a thought crosses my stream: “What if, I tried my best there? I did everything I could with the resources I had. That’s nothing to be shamed of.” and kind of moved on with that. True, I need to eventually find myself into a course where you learn about giving presentations and acting before crowd. It’s a bad feeling inside when you have a great thought or idea but no one catches it because you weren’t able to represent it formally or correctly enough.

Focus set to Learning Diary!

Progress on to that learning diary, shall we? Generally, this course of Social Media and Internet services has been about making presentations which isn’t that bad. “Search for these things by yourself, you won’t pay any attention anyways if I just run my mouth in front of you” – The wise words of the Teacher (summed up by me). Either way, to move on the pressing matter, last class we had to search about different “lenses” which are related to term “Design with Intent”. Lenses mean the different ways that consist of certain design patterns which aim to affect user behaviour. For example, there’s a lens called Security which prevents the user doing harmful stuff. Then there’s a lens called Machiavellian lens, which follows the ‘ends justify means’- principle. Ludic lense, whose design patterns (Short break: Using the word ‘whose’ in this context bothered me so much I had google if there’d be an alternative word for it. Based on the few clicks I made, there is none. I have to use ‘whose’ to refer to inanimate objects as well. I thought it only applied for alive objects. Well, to be honest, of which’s doesn’t sound very good either.)

So, the ludic lense aims to make users more active with addition of game-like elements to mundane tasks. In fact, that’s what the Teacher did with us on this course. No exam, we get our ‘score’ by doing social media things, getting followers on our blogs and social media profiles and *badam* releasing learning diary entries online. Don’t know if that motivated me extravagantly, since I was pretty hyped for this course anyways. “The blog-making course, yay! <3” were my thoughts at the time. And still are, I’d figure. I’ll write more about having an online diary later. Isn’t that something a blog could be?